因为Mass Planner这款社交自动化软件要用到VPS,所有做Instagram赚钱的这几个月,我们使用了3款VPS,并不都是好用的.上个月我又开始研究Massplanner的官方知识库,在知识库中发现了一篇文章,对适用于Masspalnner的VPS做了一个推荐,链接地址:http://www.massplanner.com/knowledgebase/recommended-vps/ 结合我们自己的使用经验我来试着翻译和整理一下.

1. If you only plan to run Mass Planner with a couple of accounts and with a decent work load then you don’t need much power, you just need a machine running Windows that’s online 24/7. If this is what you need, read our guide on how to get a free VPS from Amazon for 1 year. Yes, it’s actually free and it will last one year, you can just do it again at that time and get 1 more year.

推荐1.如果你只打算用Mass Planner运行几个账号的话,你不需要很高的配置就可以,你可以看看我们以前的一篇文章,如何免费获得一年亚马逊的VPS.一年的免费期结束后你可以再次操作获取下一年的免费使用权,当然了免费的就是最贵的,只能运行几个账号而已,所有我并没有去申请.有时间我可以把how to get a free VPS from Amazon for 1 year这篇文章翻译给大家.

2. If you’re a more serious marketer and need a more powerful machine then you will need a server with 4-8Gb of RAM or more, for this purpose we recommend Greencloudvps , they are a serious company that have been in the hosting business for a long time and know what they’re doing, their infrastructure is of high quality and support is great. They also offered a 10% discount for everyone coming from us, so you’re in luck!

The setup is easy and fast, you just fill in the details they ask and make the payment and you will receive an email with the details for the VPS usually within 15 minutes or less.

推荐2.如果你有更多市场推广需求的话,就需要一个强大的VPS,你需要4-8BG或者更高的内存,为此我们推荐Greencloudvps,专门为运行我们的MassPlanner软件进行了优化.就是我们目前在用的Greencloudvps,我们选择的是初级套餐,$26/月,配置4GB内存,2核心CPU,40GB SSD硬盘.目前可以提供一个10%的折扣,使用的优惠代码是:MASSPLANNER, 另外我们也向Greencloudvps申请了一个专属的推广链接:https://greencloudvps.com/aff.php?aff=954目前还不清楚推广一个给多少佣金,如果你是通过我们注册的,可以联系我们返还所得的佣金,这样总体算来,可能会达到7-8折的折扣,大概是$20/月吧.




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